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Palmary Electronics Co., the parent company of JZH China Group, was established in China in 2000. It is a market-leading manufacturer of ultrasound scanning diagnostic equipment in the Chinese market. It provides excellent customer service and support in China and European countries and is customer focused. With parental support, JZH Group can assist with marketing channels and resources for a complete sales and service system in China and Europe. In addition, Palmary Electronics Co. has professional sales and service personnel in most of China's cities, covering about 27,000 hospitals and nursing homes across the country.

JZH The German Group relies on its geographical and human strengths to break the linguistic and cultural barriers between producers and clients and to provide strong support as a co-production and product sales between the two companies, which is a trusted cooperation for both parties partner. (The company is gradually approaching the goal of "the most trusted specialist for equipment and systems in Germany").