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Standard Configuration:
. Scanner Body: 1pc
. 3.5MHz Convex Probe: 1pc
. Charger with a Set of Wires: 1set
. Bottle of USG gel: 1pc
. User Manual: 1pc
. 7.5MHz Linear Probe
. 5.0MHz Micro-convex Probe
. Video Printer
  • Description
Ovine, Swine, Alpaca, Feline, Canine, Rabbit, Fish, Snake and etc.
This equipment is convex linear ultrasound scanning diagnostic system with high resolution. It applies
micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming(DBF),real time dynamic aperture (RDA),
real time dynamic receiving apodization, real time dynamic receiving focusing(DRF),digital frequency scan (DFS),
8 segments digital TGC, guide cannula puncture, frame correlation technologies to endue its image with clarity, stabilityand high resolution.
For real-time picture uploading to PC
2 USB ports;
2- probe connectors;
Monitor: imported 12 " LCD;
Probe elements : 96;
Power Supply: AV220V±22V, 50MHz±1MHz;
Probe frequency: 2.5Mhz-8.5Mhz
Displayed Depth(mm): 240(max.), 16 levels adjustable
Detect depth(mm): ≥60
Resolution(mm): Lateral, ≤2(depth≤80), ≤3(80<depth≤130); Axial, ≤2(depth≤80), ≤3(80<depth≤130)
Blind zone(mm): ≤7
Geometric position precision: Horizontal≤15; Vertical≤10
Monitor size: 12 inch
Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
Image storage: 32
Image gray scale: 256
Scan depth: 40mm-240mm
Cine loop: 809 frame (max.)
Posture mark: ≥40
Dynamic range: 100dB-130Db
Image flip: up/down, right/left, black/white
Scan angle: adjustable
Focus position: adjustable
Focal space: 5 level
Measurement: distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, gestation age, EDD
Notation: date, time, name, sex, age, full screen words edit and etc.
Output report: 2 type
Output: PALD, NTSC
N.W: 6KG

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